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Pasadena – with three little men


A visit to Pasadena is not complete unless you’ve made a visit to the Huntington Library and Gardens. The beautiful grounds include acres of gardens arranged in themes: Chinese, Japanese, Rose, Tropical, Desert and so much more. There’s even a delightful children’s garden for kids to run around and learn about photosynthesis, rain forests, and different types of ecosystems. Oh, and of course, it’s a GREAT PLACE FOR A PHOTO SESSION ;). Book your session with Lucíara Photography today!

Peace, Love and Flowers

Araceli Pimentel(Full)

I could photograph girls wearing floral crowns all day, every day. I really got into the DIY spirit with these pink and white crowns and ended up making about a dozen or so in a variety of colors, including peach, purple, red and indigo blue. Wearing a crown just feels so special. I mean, you could wear one at the beach, in a garden, in a sunlit field or while doing housework–guaranteed you’ll feel like a magical fairy every time. Which color suits you? Book your floral crown session with Luciara Photography today!

peace, love, happiness and flowers always,

Summer Beach Session

What does it look like to live a life in gratitude? I think it means to enjoy the whole tapestry of it and not just the parts with colorful threading. We all have blessings and trials. To be alive is a gift and we all, at different times, get to experience the sweetness of love as well as the sting from the pain and loss of it. I’ve learned that if I can see life as art, as a beautiful expression of many moments painted together, then I can step back and appreciate it for what it is, a LIFE MASTERPIECE. My friend Simona (image above right), is a perfect example of what it means to live in gratitude from the simple and ordinary moments of preparing a meal to the exciting adventures of traveling throughout Europe, she always does so with a thankful heart. She says, “Even when I’m sad I’m happy.” So, I thank you dear friend for being an inspiration to myself and others in this way.

peace and love to all,